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The silent salesperson that shouldn't be so silent

How many retail business owners do you know that are looking for ways to re-energise their stores through visual merchandising?

Tell them to look no further as this interactive hands-on visual merchandising workshop will help them to embrace change and take action.

For those visitors heading to Reed Gift Fair's Retail Quarter Melbourne this weekend, they are in for a real treat. Retail Life's Managing Director Marguerite Bell will be onsite to deliver two action packed hands-on workshops focused on Getting Visually Savvy. The aim being to educate retailers to increase their knowledge and skills when it comes to visual merchandising.

We sat down with Marguerite prior to heading to Melbourne to learn a little more about the Get Visually Savvy! concept.

Question: Why would you recommend a retailer participate in a Get Visually Savvy! Workshop?

Marguerite: Our interactive visual merchandising workshops were developed with small business owners in mind to learn the essentials of visual merchandising that can be implemented within their store to create a greater visual impact and stand out from their competitors.

Question: What are the benefits of attending a Get Visually Savvy! Workshop?

Marguerite: Our aim is to show retailers how to use the power of visual merchandising to not only increase sales and profits but to:

• Attract more customers to their store

• Inspire them to browse more products

• Encourage them to purchase

• Entice them to purchase more

• Drive more repeat & loyal customers

Question: Why are Retail Life's Get Visually Savvy Workshops different to other educations sessions retailers may have attended?

Marguerite: As we spend so much time out in the field working side by side with small business retailers we understand that they want to learn in a comfortable, interactive environment. We combine the theory and practical together in a fast paced, fun and enjoyable session. Our Retail Life curated workshop activity kits allow participants to take the theory and put it into practice using the model fixtures and packaging. This way attendees can merchandise sample products to create their own eye-catching displays, whilst meeting with other like minded retailers and creating new networks.

At Retail Life, we are always motivated by the people that we meet and inspire. Feedback from our workshops allow us to further improve the sessions to meet the needs of retailers. We had the pleasure of meeting Rob from Vintage Wood'n'That at RQM19, listen to his feedback....

For retailers that are visiting Retail Quarter Melbourne February 1 - 3 or Gift Fair Sydney February 22 - 25 don't miss out, book your tickets now!

Retail Life also curates interactive visual merchandising workshops for independent retailers, national retailers, franchise businesses, business chambers and shopping centre groups. Embrace the future of retail and take action to drive your business performance by creating a visually appealing retail environment.

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