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As the future of retail rapidly changes, it brings with it the urgent need to drive retailer merchantability. Success lies in the ability to understand and act in the moment to:

  • Connect with consumers

  • Anticipate and meet consumer needs

  • Increase sales

  • Drive profits

  • Maintain brand image

  • Comply with company expectations



As a result of this fast-paced, exciting masterclass, you'll learn the essentials required to increase merchant skills and


  • Inspire your inner merchant

  • Trade your retail space to full potential

  • Maximise your Prime Trade Area

  • Boost conditional trade

  • Drive promotional activity

Empower merchants
Let Retail Life enrich your customer service delivery
Enrich customer service delivery


Consumers hold the balance of retail power, and they're far greater informed when it comes to their path to purchase. With more purchasing options than ever before, they have higher customer service expectations. So, it's critical your business delivers a superior customer service experience to draw ahead of the competition and drive long-term business success.



After looking at customer service delivery through fresh eyes, you'll be able to


  • Explore the new standards

  • Discuss the commitment and skills required

  • Investigate essential cross-channel service skills

  • Understand the new service ratings

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Retail Life supporting your raise your store visual appeal
Raise visual appeal


It takes a shopper three seconds to determine whether they will stop, look and enter a store. First impressions are critical, and retailers need to embrace the challenge to elevate store visual appeal.



Take away expert actionable insights and ideas on how to raise your retail visual standards and experience. As a result of this masterclass, you'll be able to:


  • Boost your visual foundations

  • Attain and sustain visual standards

  • Gain compliance and achieve buy-in

  • Turn clicks into bricks

  • Enhance your visual merchandising skills

  • Discover and empower your inner merchandising mojo

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Intensify selling skills


The rise of multi-channel retail means you need to make your bricks-and-mortar experience your greatest asset. The in-store experience plays a significant part in a retailer’s success. The demands on the retail team are high, the pressure is immense, and it's imperative to increase sales, maximise productivity, boost profits and lift team member engagement.



Equipped with a new way of selling to meet the new way of retail, you'll be able to


  • Activate power-selling mindsets

  • Drive KPI performance up

  • Sharpen multi-channel selling skills

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