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Inspire. Innovate. Inform.

Growing retail communities!

For many you may ask - Who are Reed Gift Fairs and why would Retail Life partner with Reed Gift Fairs to deliver Retail Forum?

Reed Gift Fairs are Australia's leading trade event for the retail industry, showcasing up to 500 wholesale brands to audiences of 20 000 gift and homewares retailers from the largest national independents, chains, franchises and department stores to local one outlet retailers and home based businesses. Reed Gift Fairs is the largest retail trade fair in Australia, catering for wholesalers of gift, kitchen, homewares, kids, toys & games, seasonal, jewellery & fashion and stationery products.

The team at Reed Gift Fairs understand the importance of education for both exhibitors and retailers. This is evident in their commitment to providing Retail Therapy Education Sessions and now with the new Retail Forum innovation.

For Retail Life the opportunity to collaborate with Reed to: Inspire. Innovate. Inform. was one to be taken with both hands and brought to life.

In this changing retail landscape, both wholesalers and retailers must look at every opportunity to form relationships and work together to embrace the future of retail and thrive not just survive!

The vision of Retail Forum being to inspire retailers and exhibitors to take action to improve their business strategies, showcase innovation, share the latest trends as well as being informed through Retail Reality Talks and One on One Consultations.

Retail Life has been judging the Reed Gift Fair Exhibition Stand Awards since 2018. In this time we have built relationships with the exhibitors, discussing the needs of retailers and the opportunities of how wholesalers can support retailers to grow their businesses and build a sustainable future. Retail Life also has the unique ability to share with wholesalers the challenges facing small independent retailers and the actions that they could take to make their business relationships with retailers stronger and deliver more solutions for retailers when it comes to showcasing their brands in stores.

It was a privilege to host the Retail Reality Talks and many thanks must go to the team of panellists who were so willing to share advice, tips and inspiration to help retailers and wholesalers unlock their full business potential. The underlying message being for independent retailers to discover ideas and solutions to boost business success and become a desired retail destination.

It was also refreshing to see that many business owners were taking advantage of the One on One Consultations that Reed Gift Fair provided free. Understandably these sessions were booked out. We all know that having strong foundations and a clear strategic direction is key to sustainable retail success.

Breathing life into Australian retail is we what we do best. We focus on what retailers need and we know that they learn best when they can be hands-on and visually stimulated at the same time.

Our Get Visually Savvy Workshop kits allow participants to bring displays to life using the knowledge and skills learnt in Part One of the workshop. Understanding visual merchandising principles and standards helps them to build displays that create greater visual impact and makes the in-store shopping experience memorable.

Here's our wrap from Reed Gift Fair Sydney 2020. Let us know your thoughts.

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