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A market stall is often the first introduction into the world of retail and a platform for entrepreneurs to test their products and concepts. Success lies in your ability to action effective branding, product and pricing, merchandising and marketing as these factors ensure your business will thrive.



Prepare to feel energised and full of actionable ideas, as this masterclass helps you


  • Discover and challenge your 'inner merchant'

  • Learn how to maximise sales and profits

  • Explore ways to build brand awareness

  • Harness insights from others as they share their stories

  • View real life, best practice examples

  • Brainstorm creative ways to drive market stall success

7 Steps to Market Stall Success
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This could be the most important 3 x 3 square metres of your life! Why? Because despite its small size, your market stall space has the potential to

  • Be your launchpad for new business ideas

  • Showcase new products

  • Support business growth and development

  • Lead to business expansion



Walk away with the fundamentals to make your market stall a success from the start, including


  • Space maximisation

  • Theming

  • Stall layout and merchandising plans

  • Establishing product needs

  • Fixture and fitting requirements

7 Steps to Market Stall Set Up
Find out the 7 steps to Market Stall Success
Set Up
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Successful market stalls stand out from the crowd! We want your market stall to create an unforgettable impression and deliver a wow factor to your customers. This is a hands-on, seriously inspiring workshop, full of best practice examples, real life experiences, and techniques to help you master the art of eye-catching visual merchandising.



You'll feel empowered to transform your market stall, using the tricks of the trade. From the minute you leave, you can put practical, actionable ideas in place for your business, including


  • Stall theming

  • Signage and ticketing

  • Visual aids and props

  • Merchandising principles and standards

7 Steps to Market Stall Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising


7 steps to market stall set up +

7 steps to market stall success +

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