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Have you identified retailers in your centre that need help in maximising every opportunity to increase sales and profitability? Each of your three nominated retailers will receive an accompanied 60-minute review, looking at first impressions when it comes to customer service, store presentation, visual merchandising and marketing.



Throughout our sessions, we provide each retailer with


  • Instant ideas to stimulate their business performance

  • Actions to help them future-proof their business

  • Tips and tricks to empower them to increase sales and maximise profits

  • Immediate advice to boost store standards and improve customer service experiences

Retail Ready Sessions
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Retailer education and setting trends - not just following them - are vital to business success. This specially-designed Shopping Centre Retailer Masterclass provides opportunities for your retailers to learn strategies to cultivate and nurture their businesses and stand out from their competitors. The sessions also encourage participants to join forces to motivate each other and act to future-proof their businesses.



During this high-energy, hands-on, 90-minute Masterclass, we'll challenge participants to


  • Appraise their performance

  • Discover actions to raise the bar on their benchmarks

  • Elevate their retail knowledge

  • Take action!

Retailer Masterclass
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Let’s embark on a voyage of discovery, learning and exploration that will lead us to change, action and improved shopping centre performance! We know the value of cultivating and nurturing relationships, and it starts with taking the time to listen to and understand your centre and your retailers.



This four-tiered program approach facilitates


  • A walk-and-talk session with your centre team, taking the time to meet retailers

  • Helping you to build and foster new relationships

  • Determining areas of opportunities that will breathe life into your centre and retailers

  • Uplifting centre and retailer performance

Retail Review